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16356 N. Thompson Peak Pkwy
Apt. 1066
Scottsdale, AZ 85260            
Phone: (602) 882-9699

Diane C. Smith

Each year a substantial portion of my sales is given to various animal rescue operations, and the goal of my art is to bring attention to, and encourage support for, as many of these wonderful organizations as possible. 

My ‘day job’ is commercial real estate, and I live in the north desert horse country of Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband James, an Episcopal deacon, and our three rescued dogs.  As a self-taught artist I work to express my love of animals in an ever-increasing variety of jewelry designs.

The ivory components I use are CITES-certified fossilized mammoth (never elephant) ivory.  My jewelry may also include Native American animal carvings of naturally shed antler or jet, and these are often whimsical and sweet.  I hope you enjoy wearing my work; it is meant to serve as a gentle reminder to everyone that we share this earth with countless amazing creatures deserving our concern and assistance whenever possible.

Can you help?  The following rescue organizations badly need your tax-deductible donations.

Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Educational Foundation, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona   
Rescues hundreds of wild animals that have been injured or displaced by loss of habitats 

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
Santa Clarita, California (also Texas and Virginia)   (866)366-5731
Home to hundreds of abandoned and rescued wild burros and donkeys across the country

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary
Tucson, Arizona   (520)631-6015
Home to 580 potbellied pigs abandoned by their owners when the piglets grew “too big”

Luv Shack Ranch Horse Rescue
Phoenix, Arizona   (805)455-4241
A haven for suffering mares abused by constant breeding to produce the drug Premarin

Animal Legal Defense Fund
San Francisco and Portland, Oregon
100,000 members and hundreds of attorneys committed to creating and enforcing legal protection for animals


Thank you!


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